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I created a new page that I’ll be using as my scratch pad for new option trade ideas on stocks I’ve read about through various sources.  The format isn’t set with how I’m starting it now, but I expect to list the ticker, date and source from where I found the idea. 

As I read various articles from magazines, other blogs, newspapers and traditional Web sites I write the tickers on whatever paper I have near me to make sure I go back to research them later.  I trade on only a few of the stocks I start researching.  This page will let you see some of my notes while it gives me a place to store my ideas using a slightly more organized method.  Right now I use a collection of torn out print articles, Post-It notes and scraps of paper such as the backs of used envelopes that pile up on my desk at work and home.  This will give me one place to stay organized a little better, especially for those days/weeks when I can’t find something I want to trade on, I’ll be able to return to this page and give some old ideas a second chance.

I always welcome emailed stock picks too, so please keep those coming.  I’ll link to your blog from that page if I agree with your idea.  All the stocks listed will be optionable.  Beyond that, any size/price stock or ETF is worth a review.

One thought on “New Trade Ideas Page

  1. Bill

    This is a great idea. I have done much the same, making notes on a tear-off note pad and setting them aside for later reference. As you can imagine I have a pile of little pieces of paper all around my computer.

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