9 Stock Picks – September 2009

I’ve gathered nine new stock picks for my September Stock Pick Post from various sources.

  1. ATPG – The Wild Investor wrote a bullish post on ATP Oil & Gas Corporation  – He posts charts showing how ATPG compares to oil.  I see both showing a rising wedge which can be quite bullish in addition to his reasons listed.
  2. TIF –  Zach went negative in his post on Tiffany & Company – Check out his Three Reasons to Avoid Tiffany & Co.  He has fundamentals and a chart to back up his logic.  Hard to argue against him here.
  3. EBAY – Christopher Williams touted Ebay in Barron’s this week in the Follow-Up section on page 16.
  4. SFY – Williams included Swift Energy Co in his bullish article.
  5. AMGN – Also in this week’s Barron’s, on page 17 Dimitra DeFotis quoted an analyst who said Amgen Inc could hit $78 before long.  From its current price just below $59, that’d be a nice run.
  6. T – I posted an AT&T chart on Monday and then sold naked puts on it later in the week.  I think T has much more upside than downside from here and not just because I work there now.
  7. BA – I sold naked puts on Boeing when it gapped up, only to see it falter from there.  I should’ve waited to see BA climb above $53.39, which it didn’t.  Keep watching BA for now.  This is more of a heads up call than a full stock pick at this price.  If you’re bullish on the economy, BA will run with it.
  8. EXPD – Expeditors International Washington was another one of the stock picks I grabbed from Barron’s a couple of weeks ago.  I sold naked puts on EXPD last week and still think that was a good move and could be a good stock pick at its current price.
  9. DSX – I sold naked puts on DSX last week while it was trading slightly higher than it is now.  I still see it as a good stock pick as Diana Shipping touched its trend line of higher lows on Wednesday and Friday before moving a little higher.  DSX has a steep down trend line of lower highs narrowing in on the lower trend line – so this one is not for the faint of heart which is why I’ve only taken a small position on it so far.

GLD might be an ETF to watch soon as a short.  I’m not stepping in front of this current rolling train that’s taken gold over 1,000, but I’m watching because when it turns I expect the decline to be just as fast as the ascent.

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