At the beginning of this year I joined a stock picking contest with some other top financial bloggers from the US and Canada.  I came into the year bullish and went all in with a diversified equity portfolio.  So far that plan seems to have been a good one and puts me in third place and nipping at the heals of first place (less than 1% below the top spot).  There was nothing fancy about these stock picks, just loading up with where I thought the overall markets would be going.  It’s a basic mixture of large, medium and small cap ETFs along with one international ETF too.

The trick that got me so high in the rankings so far (not counting my genius) is that I chose “Ultra” ETFs that attempt to double the daily return of the indexes they each track.  That might fly for me for another couple of months, but I don’t see the second half of the year being as easy to ride with such broad based ETFs.  I need to squeak out a bigger lead on the other six contestants by June or I might see my podium finish slip away from me.  Of course I still expect to come in first though.

These are my four top ETF picks for 2011:

  • SSO – Closed 12/31/10 at $48.05.  Closed 3/31/11 at $53.27
  • UWM – Closed 12/31/10 at $42.69.  Closed 3/31/11 at $49.24
  • MVV – Closed 12/31/10 at $63.68.  Closed 3/31/11 at $75.10
  • EET – Closed 12/31/10 at $109.55.  Closed 3/31/11 at $112.49

Be sure to check out these other blogs.  All the links will be updated as I receive them from the other writers.  This is the current ranking of blogs after the first quarter:

  1. TheFinancialBlogger:  12.41%
  2. MillionDollarJourney:  12.16%
  3. MyTradersJournal:  11.77%
  4. WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo:  5.13%
  5. BeatingTheIndex:  3.08%
  6. Intelligent Speculator:   1.66%
  7. DividendGrowthInvestor:   1.43%
  8. TheWildInvestor:   0.28%
  9. MoneySmartBlog:   -1.17%