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October 23, 2013

Rolled SSO Naked Puts

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I started playing with this order yesterday, but didn’t want to move my SSO put strikes higher until the rally took at least one step backward.  The S&P 500 had moved higher for nearly two weeks and volatility plummeted during …

October 18, 2013

Options Expiration – October 2013

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This month’s options expiration was another easy one for me.  I only had one option expire today and it was not even close.  UWM is trading at $78.14 while I write this, meaning my two UWM October $52 puts will expire …

October 14, 2013

Sold New UWM Puts

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My left arm is in a sling and I’m using a mix of typing with one hand and dictating to Siri on my phone and emailing myself, so I’ll keep this post short.

On Friday, I entered in order to sell …

October 7, 2013

Current Positions – October 7, 2013

Filed under: Account Summary,Finance - 07 Oct 2013

I have no actual shares of a stock or ETF right now.  All of my equity exposure is through naked puts.  None of these puts is in-the-money, but DIS was dead-on at-the-money when I pulled this report and MDY is …

October 6, 2013

S&P 500 Chart- Mixed Signals

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The chart below shows the daily prices for the past six months on the S&P 500 index ($SPX) after the index closed at 1,690.50 on Friday, October 4, 2013.

The 10-day simple moving average (sma) broke support nearly two weeks ago and …

October 1, 2013

End of Month Summary – September 2013

Filed under: Account Summary,Finance,Indices - 01 Oct 2013

After slumping in August, I was due for another good month and September delivered.  My account is within a few bucks of my high balance mark and I have plenty of room for growth without an outsized portion of risk. …