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March 27, 2015

IWM Option Combination

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 27 Mar 2015

I’ve been working on hedging one of my client’s accounts this week with various option combinations.  After the market closed yesterday, I realized the IWM trade I made for him could be a good trade for me too.  I finally …

March 20, 2015

Options Expiration – March 2015

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 20 Mar 2015

I only had two options left by today’s expiration and both expired worthless.  My one MDY March $165 naked put was nearly $15 out of the money by today’s close.  Knowing that it had a very small chance of being assigned, …

March 19, 2015

Updates on MDY, TLT and UWM Short Options

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 19 Mar 2015

I cancelled my limit order to roll my MDY March $165 naked put before the Fed’s announcement yesterday afternoon.  I decided I would try to wait for an opportunity on an MDY dip post announcement to sell a new MDY …

March 6, 2015

Sold FEZ Naked Puts for May

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 06 Mar 2015

In my month end summary that I wrote a few days ago, I said that I was going to go shopping soon for some new trades.  The one hole in my broad allocation was in international stocks, so I entered …

March 2, 2015

End of the Month Summary – February 2015

Filed under: Account Summary,Finance,Indices - 02 Mar 2015

February was a really good month for me, as it was for most investors.  After the first couple of months of 2015, my returns are essentially in line with the large cap and small cap indexes and more than made …