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July 15, 2016

Options Expiration – July 2016

Filed under: Account Summary,Finance - 15 Jul 2016

As has been the case a few other times this year, I had no options expire today. I don’t even have any scheduled to expire next month. So, I’ll take the time to give another positions update. This is what’s …

July 9, 2016

TLT Chart – July 8, 2016

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The chart below shows the monthly prices for the past 10 years on TLT, an ETF that tracks the US 20-year Treasury Index, after closing the week at $143.60, on July 8, 2016….

July 8, 2016

Small TLT Option Trade

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 08 Jul 2016

I still had 300 shares of TLT that I was short without any options surrounding them after selling new TLT covered puts earlier this week. When TLT spiked again today, I was close to another margin call and was thinking …

July 5, 2016

Trades Prompted By Margin Call

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 05 Jul 2016

I hate those days when I wake up to see a stock or ETF I’m short has jumped $2+ premarket. Today was another one of those days for TLT. I knew the risk of another margin call was close and …

July 1, 2016

End of the Month Summary – June 2016

Filed under: Account Summary,Finance,Indices - 01 Jul 2016

At the halfway point of 2016, my account looks terrible. Until I started writing this post, I didn’t realize that I did not make a single trade in June. That didn’t stop me from losing a boatload of money on paper. …