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March 21, 2018

Sold FB Naked Put

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 21 Mar 2018

Facebook has taken a beating lately and I believe it might be a little overdone. Based on that belief, I sold a naked put on FB this afternoon. While FB was trading at $172.44, I sold one FB May $160 …

March 16, 2018

Options Expiration – March 2018

Filed under: Account Summary,Finance,Stock Picks - 16 Mar 2018

My March options were mixed. I took an early assignment on my WMT naked put as I wrote about yesterday. I’ll also take an assignment on my XLB March $63 naked put. In the positive column, I’ll take a full …

March 15, 2018

WMT Option Assigned

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 15 Mar 2018

As I mentioned in a recent update, I expected my Walmart (WMT) naked put to be assigned since it was deep in the money and its ex-dividend date was coming up before March options expiration. Sure enough, I woke up …

March 2, 2018

Closed ADI Naked Put

Filed under: Finance,Stock Picks - 02 Mar 2018

I have a meeting on Monday morning and thought I’d be smart to place an order this afternoon before I forgot in the hopes it might hit next week if ADI’s price improved a lot. Instead, stocks had a strong …

March 1, 2018

Month End Summary – February 2018

Filed under: Account Summary,Finance,Indices - 01 Mar 2018

I lost a few bucks in February, but not as much as the major indexes thanks to most of my options beginning the month out of the money. I don’t have the same benefit on all my investments coming into …