2009 Stock Picks – Q3 Review

We’ve made it three quarters of the way through our bloggers’ contest for the four best stock picks of 2009.  I’m starting to make my move higher and am no longer in last place.  I’ve moved to a solid second to last as of the end of September.

This is how my picks faired over the first nine months:

  • DRYS – Closed 12/31/08 at 10.66.  Closed 3/31/09 at $5.09.  Closed 6/30/09 at $5.78.  Closed 9/30/09 at $6.63.
  • NDAQ – Closed 12/31/08 at 24.71.  Closed 3/31/09 at $19.58.  Closed 6/30/09 at $21.31.  Closed 9/30/09 at $21.05.
  • USO – Closed 12/31/08 at 33.10.  Closed 3/31/09 at $29.05.  Closed 6/30/09 at 37.93  Closed 9/30/09 at $36.19
  • SSO – Closed 12/31/08 at 26.27.  Closed 3/31/09 at $19.73.  Closed 6/30/09 at $26.14.  Closed 9/30/09 at $34.32

Here are the current standings and our year to date returns (links will be updated as I receive everyone’s latest post):

  1. WildInvestor, 56.78%
  2. FourPillars, 44.26%
  3. ZachStocks, -13.17%

These numbers illustrate why I’m not a buy and hold investor.  I like to get in, get my profits and get out.  With only three months to go in this contest and a lot of ground to cover before I move up in the rankings even one more spot I have to hope the Baltic Dry Index improves and brings DRYS soaring up with it.  Last December saw it happen, so a repeat this year would be a great gift for me.  I’m not invested in DRYS right now, so that shows I don’t have a lot of faith that this wish will come true.  I can still cross my fingers, but won’t hold my breath.

2 thoughts on “2009 Stock Picks – Q3 Review

  1. mrwoody

    hi! I just started reading your blog… is this contest real (i.e. real money used)?
    also I noticed that you do not update your portfolio… why ? it is interesting to follow.


  2. Alex Fotopoulos Post author

    No, we aren’t using real money, just bragging rights. Most of us invested in most of our own picks, at least for a short period of time.
    I’ve been slack on updating my portfolio page, I’ll get better with it as I get more free time again. You can also check the Account Summary link on the upper left sidebar to see my updates in a more wordy view. Thanks for pointing out how long it’s been since I’ve updated the portfolio page. I’ll catch up soon.

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