2010 Stock Picks Contest – Q2 Review

We’re half way through the 2010 Stock Picks contest that we started based on closing prices at the end of 2009.  The rules of the contest are simple.  We pick four stocks or ETFs and hold them for the full year.  Dividends are included in the overall gain/loss percentages.  We are not allowed to make adjustments during the year based on changes in our opinions.  I took a step higher to second place by a hair as the Dividend Growth Investor runs away with the 2010 contest.

My picks are down as a whole, but I would probably pick all of them again.   Of course I’d rather enter the trade with an option rather than just buying the shares straight away, but that’s not how this contest works.

Oil (UCO) still has come down so far this year, but we all know that can change any day with momentum shifting in the other direction.  The US Dollar (UUP) is up some and could still have some strength left in it.  This is somewhat of a hedge on the others and is one of the reasons my rank improved.  The S&P 500 (SSO) is down enough now that we might be getting close to a better entry point soon.  I think will finish the year higher than today’s closing price and if that’s the case dividend paying stocks (DVY) should ride that wave too.

Here’s how my picks are doing so far:

  • UUP – Closed 12/31/09 at $23.08.  Closed 3/31/10 at $23.79.  Closed 6/30/10 at $25.06.
  • DVY – Closed 12/31/09 at $43.91.  Closed 3/31/10 at $46.02.  Closed 6/30/10 at $42.43.
  • UCO – Closed 12/31/09 at $12.68.  Closed 3/31/10 at $13.06.  Closed 6/30/10 at $9.53.
  • SSO – Closed 12/31/09 at $38.24.  Closed 3/31/10 at $42.01.  Closed 6/30/10 at $32.21.
  • Here are the first quarter updates for where we stand compared to each other:

    1. Dividend Growth Investor           +4.95%
    2. MyTrader’sJournal                  -11.90%
    3. The Wild Investor                            -11.95%
    4. Where Does All My Money Go    -14.16%
    5. ZachStocks                                          -17.24%
    6. The Intelligent Speculator           -19.06%
    7. Four Pillars                                         -20.11%
    8. The Financial Blogger                     -22.65%
    9. Million Dollar Journey                  -23.65%

    (The hyperlinks above will be updated to link to each blogger’s Q2 results as I receive them.)

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