2011 Stock Picks Contest – Q3 Update

At least I started the stock picking contest near the top and isn’t that what matters?  No?  My high hopes have been dashed with the demise of my picks in the third quarter.  I’ve slipped in the ranks to the bottom third and still hold out hope that my ridiculously bullish and aggressive ETF picks will rebound during the fourth quarter.  I don’t see a chance for first place finish for me, but could see me moving back into the top half of the group on a strong rally.  Maybe next year I’ll open the floor to suggestions for picks since I don’t seem to have a knack for longer term investing without adjusting trades and selling options throughout the year.

Here are the quarter closing prices for my four top ETF picks for 2011:

  • SSO – Closed 12/31/10 at $48.05.  Closed 3/31/11 at $53.27.  Closed 6/30/11 at $52.89.  Closed 9/30/11 at $37.97
  • UWM – Closed 12/31/10 at $42.69.  Closed 3/31/11 at $49.24.  Closed 6/30/11 at $47.19.  Closed 9/30/11 at $27.23
  • MVV – Closed 12/31/10 at $63.68.  Closed 3/31/11 at $75.10.  Closed 6/30/11 at $73.24.  Closed 9/30/11 at $44.95
  • EET – Closed 12/31/10 at $109.55.  Closed 3/31/11 at $112.49.  Closed 6/30/11 at $108.12.  Closed 9/30/11 at $56.16

Be sure to check out these other blogs.  All the links will be updated as I receive them from the other writers.  This is the current ranking of blogs after the third quarter:

  1. DividendGrowthInvestor: 3.39%
  2. Intelligent Speculator: 3.19%
  3. MillionDollarJourney: -5.98%
  4. MoneySmartBlog: -13.14%
  5. WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo: -18.12%
  6. TheFinancialBlogger: -20.31%
  7. MyTradersJournal: -35.82%
  8. TheWildInvestor: -37.26%
  9. BeatingTheIndex: -45.07%

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