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I’m finished trading for 2017. We only have an hour left in today’s trading and then tomorrow is the final trading day of the year. I’m planning to write another book using my 2018 trades, as I did with my 2012 trades, and figured I should just wait for my next trades to fit into the new book instead of trying to squeeze something into the end of this year that has been fairly dull trading for me (and I suppose for those reading my blog). While I had some good trades, the quantity was much lower than what I plan for 2018.

That brings me to my second note. I could use some help editing my book from MTJ readers. Please let me know when you see spelling and grammatical errors in my blog posts. (Email me or comment below the post if that’s easiest.) If my year goes close to what I plan, I’ll have another section of the book (a friend might write this part) with general option information instead of only being a journal of trades. Please email me (alex[not this part] if you’d like an early copy of that section to proofread for me. I’ll mention you in my acknowledgments and send you a free copy of the final book too. Ideally, I’ll have 9-10 of you help double check me and then post a review on Amazon too. I’ve helped another friend do this type of editing/reviewing and it can take some time out of your schedule, so please only contact me for the free copy if you think you can dedicate some time to it. I don’t write correctly at all times and some of that I don’t mind leaving in the book, such as when I wrote “fairly dull” above. Microsoft doesn’t like wording that’s not “concise” and would prefer if I wrote simply “dull”. I write close to how I talk and I’m fine with it being a little off of tight grammar standards, but could use help on items that I shouldn’t let slide.

Thank you all for reading My Trader’s Journal for another year. This was the best advertising year I’ve had in the past five years, so thanks for those of you who contributed to that little income for me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know many new people who I would otherwise have had no way of meeting. I’ve learned a lot from y’all and I hope you’ve learned something from me too.

Here’s to another profitable year for all of us!

– Alex

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