Options Expiration – February 2018

I had no options remaining to expire today, so I’m giving a short recap of what’s in my account at the end of the week.

– 1 GS March $265 naked put with GS trading at $267.62
– 1 ADI March $85 naked put with ADI trading at $86.09
– 1 XLB March $63 naked put with XLB trading at $60.48
– 1 IWM March $159 naked put with ADI trading at $153.35
– 1 WMT March $105 naked put with WMT trading at $104.78
– 2 TLT March $125 short call with TLT trading at $118.71
– 2 TLT March $128 long call with TLT trading at $118.71
– 1 AAPL April $165 naked put with AAPL trading at $172.43
– 1 NFLX April $235 naked put with NFLX trading at $278.52
– 5 UUP June $23 long puts with UUP trading at $23.29

My account balance is $101.947.28 with $104.676.65 in cash. I think it bottomed around $97,500 +-$500 a week and a half ago at the market’s depth. I didn’t bother noting the exact amount since I knew it would change in either direction very quickly from within days. Earlier this week, I thought about selling a far out of the money naked put on IWM, just for more exposure with a play on the rebound. Instead, I stuck with what I had and only rolled my AAPL naked put yesterday. Since I had enough of my options in the money before yesterday, I figured I had enough upside potential without adding unnecessary risks. If we get a good two-day dip, I might sell another out of the money put, but not until we get another mini-scare. If stocks keep pushing higher, I’ll probably roll some of my March options early.

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